Do you have a will? No? Neither did multi-millionaire Prince, and what a mess that is turning out to be. But today’s post is not about Prince, and it isn’t specifically about money. It’s about some friends of ours that knew what to do. They knew they should have a Last Will, a Living Will, the proper amount of term life insurance, and a solid emergency fund.

They knew they should have all that. They just didn’t have it. Two weeks ago, the husband suffered a massive stroke. His wife had to make a split-second decision to put him on, and keep him on, life support.

At this writing, he is stable but unresponsive. It’s been two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.

(One month update: he’s in a long-term care facility so doing a bit better. Please keep this family in your daily prayers.)

He is the primary wage earner and she is in school training for a new career. She is now facing unbelievable circumstances on all fronts: financial, familial, relational, health – you name it. Because he wasn’t prepared.

It is not difficult to implement a Last Will and a Living Will. In most cases you fill out some forms and get them notarized. You may want to use a lawyer for a nominal fee but if your estate isn’t complicated it isn’t absolutely necessary (in Texas).

To DIY go here:

Don’t assume you are young and can put it off. Our friends are in their mid-fifties. Life happens. Please be prepared by putting these items in place. It’s one way to say “I love you” to your family.