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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Christie and David are great, will assist in any and all ways possible to make you successful in this transformation with your finances! Take advantage of their knowledge, experience, and generosity!”

“We started this journey with very heavy hearts concerning our family’s finances. We didn’t know where we were heading with our finances. We don’t have all our finances in complete order yet but we are headed in the right direction now.”

“I have paid off almost $3000 in debt, gotten my $1000 Emergency Fund, and am giving money to my church! The money envelopes have helped me prepare for future expenses. I appreciate and enjoy my money more & feel more confident about my future.”

We don’t sell any financial products. No insurance, no mutual funds, stocks, or bonds. We hopefully provide enough information on this website to answer any questions you have. But, we are available nationwide on an hourly basis to coach you personally through whatever you have going on now, to get you where you want to be. We want you to Do Better With Money just as much as you do! So that’s it really, just our time and in the future we may have some educational products, specific e-books or video tutorials that we make available at a reasonable cost. We have spent years honing our budgeting and investment skills and we know we can help you too.