Today I’m a guest on the Fitness Confidential podcast (Currently in the “What’s Hot” section of iTunes). Stop laughing! Those of you who know me would not equate “David” and “Fitness” in the same sentence. Yeah I’m overweight. Pretty much always have been. Four months ago I started working on it. I’ve lost over 50 pounds since then thanks to #NSNG. I talk about this in the podcast with Vinnie and we also discuss how being overweight has similarities to being in debt. I had one day’s notice before he contacted me to record and he does zero show prep. It’s part of the charm of the show and the topics can wander, but are always entertaining.

Fair warning, the Fitness Confidential podcast is rated Explicit. Vinnie is a straight-talking, no BS kinda guy and in the health and fitness industry it is a welcome change.

The basic idea is this, and it’s so simple to understand yet so difficult to implement: YOU have to decide. YOU have to make a choice, to say “I’m not going to live like this anymore.” No one can do it for you. Romans 12:2 says: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Translation: read a book. Watch a (reputable) documentary. Take a class. Feed your brain some new information.

Want to improve your personal finances? Read The Total Money Makeover and do what it says. Take a Financial Peace class. Want to get healthy? Cut out sugar and grains from your diet. Learn how the United States consumer has been effectively lied to since the 1960’s when the sugar industry paid scientists to downplay the link between sugar and heart disease, and promote fat as the culprit instead.

There are many similarities between personal finance and nutrition industries. For example…(all in my opinion only) bankruptcy is akin to weight loss surgery. Yes, some people need it. BUT how many people do you know who have had WLS and put the weight back on? The same is true with those who file bankruptcy – if you don’t change your underlying behavior, you will again run up debt.

Anyway….I’m the last person who will preach about getting in shape, other than to say – if you want some aspect of your life to improve – career, money, marriage, health, weight – don’t wait around. YOU go fix your life. YOU are the secret sauce. Yes, you CAN change. Just decide. Today. Change. Say, “I’m not going to use credit cards anymore. I have $10,000 in credit card debt, they have not been a blessing to me.” Say, “I’m going to go for a brisk 30 minute walk – right now. And tomorrow. And every day after that.” Just do it.



Just like that.

I’m a work in progress. And so are you.

Let’s improve together! Drop me a note in the comments and tell me what you’re working on, and how it’s going.

LIsten to Vinnie and I discuss money and weight loss in the Fitness Confidential episode #875 here:


or check Vinnie’s website for other options.