…I’m ready to play!  So goes the song. This means, I’m ready, I’m skilled, I’m qualified, and I’m hungry. Some people get excited about planning their investing or financial future, and want to do it themselves. But do you need a coach?

Possibly. Here’s why.

When dealing with your financial plan you need to consider all facets, not just which stock or mutual fund is up this month. Very few people are good at offense and defense, which is why football teams have different squads for each. Getting a good return in the long run is an offensive strategy, but having enough of the right kinds of insurance in place is a defensive strategy. It’s not sexy, but just as necessary. A good coach will look at your total financial picture and suggest a plan of action specific to your needs.

Tom Brady once again led the Patriots to Superbowl victory. He had a coach. As did Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Consider working with a coach whether you are completely DIY on your personal finances, or don’t even know where to begin. A good one will be worth much more than what they cost.