A recent survey by VISA shows that Americans spend an average of $53 a week on lunch. That’s over $200 a month on average. This doesn’t include the morning and afternoon lattes. (You know who you are.)

You think your cable bill is high? For most of us, that form of eating out isn’t even an enjoyable experience. It’s 30 minutes in a breakroom, or a hurried plate of Mexican food in between meetings.


Most know that it’s cheaper to bring your lunch, whether leftovers and fruit or a sandwich and chips. Usually healthier, too. If you have some goals to hit with you money (and you should have some goals to hit with your money) discipline yourself to take your lunch every day for two weeks. Then another two weeks. Then reward yourself with a reasonable lunch out.

Speak up in the comments – will you try changing and brown-bagging it each day, or do you already do that? Or, do you think this is crazy talk and choose to eat out every day?